Business Yoga

Yoga and meditation are proven ways to manage stress, prevent burnout and reduce back pain? Additionally, business yoga classes count as a tax-deductible expense in Germany? According to EStG, § 3 Nr 34, it can be up to 500€ per year per employee. Most health insurance providers also cover part, if not all of the cost. Make a difference in creating a healthy and sustainable work environment.

As an office yogi, I understand the challenges of keeping work and life in balance. I develop office classes to align with the individual needs of your employees. This includes the time of day, group size, and the focus of class (energizing, relaxing, back pain, etc). All of my classes pay attention to a mindful way of exercising, help to reduce (home-)office-related health issues, and are accessible to all fitness levels.

Offers online and for Berlin (AB Transit Area):

  • Online Lunch Break Yoga: 30 minutes – starting from 70 €
  • Yoga at the Office: 60 minutes starting from 130 Euro with up to 30 participants

I am happy to discuss your particular requirements. Contact me to arrange a call or meeting.