My Story

I discovered yoga ten years ago. I was practicing pilates and my teacher back then usually snuck in some practices which have their origins in yoga. One day after class, I asked him the difference between pilates and yoga. “Yoga is the whole dresser, pilates is one drawer of it.” His answer was mystical to me back then, having never experienced a true yoga class.  It didn’t take me a long time to figure out what he meant.

There are many wonderful layers to yoga. It supports you on a physical level in creating strength, restoring your range of movement and enhancing your ability to relax. But furthermore, yoga is one of the greatest teachers when it comes to mindfulness, self-compassion and overall wisdom for life. For me the beauty of yoga is its holistic approach to addressing the body, mind, heart and spirit. From my experience, yoga is a highly individual journey. I therefore embrace and appreciate the various practices yoga has to offer.

Practicing yoga for me means going on a journey every time I step on the mat. Yoga brings us into contact with our personal needs, wishes, patterns and limitations. One of my greatest achievements over time has been to learn to treat these aspects of myself with loving respect, kindness and compassion. I gradually learned to redefine them to help me find more balance in life. In all the ups and downs of life, yoga became my anchor. I am very enthusiastic to share its beauty with you.

Education & Experience

My curiosity for the different layers of yoga resulted in taking part in my first yoga teacher’s training. Since 2017 I’m a Certified Hatha Yoga teacher. I’m trained within the ISHTA lineage. ISHTA is rooted in Hatha yoga and blends in aspects of Ayurveda and Tantric life philosophy, yoga’s sister sciences.

Currently, I’m engaged in my advanced yoga’s teacher training which will be completed in June 2019. As I have a personal experience with burnout, I chose to focus on the topic “How does a yogic approach support burnout patients?” for the research project which is part of the advanced program.

Read more about the ISHTA approach to yoga.


Hatha yoga certifications with ISHTA Berlin, Julie Blumenthal (accredited by Yoga Alliance)

  • 06/2019: 500-hour certification
  • 07/2017: 200-hour certification

Teaching Experience:

Studio group classes: Regular weekly classes for different levels in German and English
  • Life Artists Creators Hub (10/2018 – present)
  • Yogaliebe (08/2017 – 12/2018)

Office Yoga: Weekly class in English for adelphi consult GmbH (since 03/2018)

Mindfulness Workshops: persist* Summit (04/2019), StartUp School Berlin in cooperation with HWR Berlin (09/2018)

Teaching Philosophy

Yoga is not about being good at something. It’s about being good to yourself.

My yoga classes are a mindful exploration of your own well-being by connecting to breath, body, and mind. My gentle voice invites you to slow down, unwind and reconnect. A supportive atmosphere and suggested pose variations encourage each student to find their own way to practice with joy and self-compassion.

Instead of guiding our movements based on an ideal image of a pose, our movements flow naturally from a sense of being in-tune with the potential and limits of our breath, body, and mind. By paying attention to anatomically alignment principles you are offered a safe way to practice. So while you stretch and tone your muscles, you develop a better understanding of how to embrace balance and contentment in your life.